Engagement Photography Session Anybody?

Why should you have one?


As a wedding/portrait photographer I’m very much pro-engagement session for several reasons.

Here are my top 5:


1. Awesome images –

You will have awesome images for pre-wedding use; prints/albums for your home, social media posts, announcements and to show-off at your wedding reception.


2. Getting to know one another –

This is the main reason why an engagement photography session is totally worth it. Your photographer will be by your side all day at your wedding, so having someone you feel comfortable with is a huge plus.

Outdoor Engagement Portrait in Warrenton, Va.


3. Practice makes perfect –

Once you have a chance to get used to being photographed you will relax and will be amazed at how comfortable and natural you can feel with a camera pointed at you. Having an engagement photography session gives you a chance to develop that comfort before your wedding day.


Outdoor engagement portrait in Warrenton, Virginia.

4. Try out a photographer –

The session will give you an opportunity to try out a photographer to see how it goes. Even after you’ve seen samples and galleries from the photographer’s previous work, many couples have trouble imagining what their photos might look like. Having engagement portraits taken is an amazing way to test the waters.


5. Learning what you like –

Feedback always helps before the big day. Photographers tend to have a personal style, like a fingerprint, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t vary our shooting style. An engagement session is sort of a ‘style test-run.’ Photographers love to hear feedback, both good and bad. It helps us know what you like. This a great way to make sure both photographer and couple will be on the same page during the wedding day.

Engagement hands love


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Good luck!

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-Jud McCrehin is an award-winning professional photojournalist based in Warrenton, Va. in Fauquier County just outside Washington D.C. –


Photo•jour•nal•ism n. is a form of photography that employs images in order to tell a story. Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography by complying with a rigid ethical framework which demands the images be a fair and accurate representation of the events they depict in both content and tone. -- photo•jour•nal•ist n. -- photo•jour•nal•is•tic adj.

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